Typing Danish characters on a US keyboard

I live in Denmark, and because I am learning Danish I often have to type the Danish characters æ, ø and å. Since I still have a US keyboard, this is not easy. At least on windows. I usually open the Character Map application and select the characters from there. Once you have inserted them in a text you can copy-paste them when you need them. This works, but it is a little cumbersome.

Character Map

Another option is to hold the Alt key and type the character’s ASCII code on the NumPad, but that means remembering 6 rather random numbers. Here is a table, if you like:

Character NumPad (ASCII) Code
Æ 198
æ 230
Ø 216
ø 248
Å 197
å 229

Unfortunately, many laptops don’t have a NumPad to save space. So not an option.

Luckily, there is a cool program from Microsoft called The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator which you can use to create your own keyboard layouts, based on existing ones or from scratch.
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