Finding JAVA_HOME on Windows

I’m running a program on a Windows machine that needs JAVA_HOME to be set. Because I’m running it with just a JRE (no JDK installed) the JAVA_HOME environment variable isn’t set (the JDK installer usually creates the JAVA_HOME environment variable). Because I don’t want to modify my scripts or my environment manually every time the JRE decides to update (pretty often), I created a script that sets the JAVA_HOME variable based on the path of java.exe.

The batch script requires the path of java.exe to be in the PATH. The Oracle JRE installer usually does this for you.


@echo off
:: Find java.exe symlink (C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\java.exe)
for /f %%i in ('where java.exe') do set java_lnk=%%i

:: Find symlink target
for /f "tokens=2 delims=[]" %%h in ('dir %java_lnk%') do set java_dir=%%h

:: Find parent directory
for %%a in ("%java_dir%\..") do set "JAVA_HOME=%%~dpa"

:: Remove trailing slash
IF %JAVA_HOME:~-1%==\ SET parent=%JAVA_HOME:~0,-1%

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